How Virtual Reality Work?

While we think of virtual reality as a fairly modern concept, it’s been written about in Science fiction since the 1930s. In 1960s, we finally see gadgets like the sensorama which also included sounds and smell. We started to then see things like the view master get created, which were goggles that would show a picture and would build the foundation for virtual reality headsets that we see now.

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How virtual reality headset works

There are different types and brands of virtual reality headsets that work on different platforms like PC, mobile phones and console. Though they work on different types of platforms, they have one similar function; to give its users a three-dimensional computer generated environment experience as if they are in the real world. Unlike watching in a television, virtual headset creates what seems to be a life-size 3D environment without any boundaries. Whatever way you look or go, the screen projected on your face follows.

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