All about VR porn & what it means for sex

People who have been watching porn the old-fashioned way, are doing it wrong. At least when you compare it to virtual reality porn. In VR porn, people can obtain a completely immersive experience. One that is unlike anything they have ever tried or seen before. All it takes are a pair of VR headsets and a VR porn sex video. The result is often something that will change how you look, feel and interact with porn forever. At the same time, your sex life and that of your partner will be altered as well.

In verity, most people that think of virtual reality, imagine it being used only by technology aficionados or gamers. They also think of surgeons and doctors using it to teach people about surgeries and other things. While that is all true, that is not why VR usage has risen hundredfold recently and continues to grow. Both virtual reality and augmented reality rose significantly the past two years. The dramatic increased has been attributed to VR porn usage and viewership. In some adult sites, the category has seen a 275% rise. Most of the virtual reality sex videos went on to amass millions of views in only a month.

Interestingly enough, sales of VR headsets have been spiking as well. Adult companies believe that boost it’s in part due to VR porn viewership. As people put on headsets, they begin to see for themselves how vastly different it is from traditional porn. The moment a person interacts with virtual reality porn, their perception of adult content changes. How they want to see it, feel it and become involved in it, is also altered. Lastly, how they end up having sex via virtual reality portals is also altered. The latter stemming from the many innovative and interactive sex toys available on the market today. A great deal of them are not only interactive, they are also teledildonic and can be combined with VR porn videos, apps and other things.

Virtual reality comes from an interactive experience the user obtains. That is achieved by computer-generated visuals which take place in a simulated environment. At the same time, you also have some VR porn sex videos where the action is actually real. The VR porn is captured in 360-degree recording by specialized cameras. VR technology incorporates haptic, visual and auditory sensory feedback, as well as others. Combined together, it results in creating an immersive experience which can be magnificent.

When you think about it, it’s really not that surprising that VR porn is growing so rapidly. After all, most people who view normal porn, do so to get away from the real world. They also want to find relief from stress and daily rituals in life. People want to delve into their fetishes and fantasies when they look at adult content. More importantly, they want to obtain gratification and sexual release. The last mentioned coming from masturbation. It’s a fact that individuals who look at traditional porn already obtained this from normal porn. Since VR porn increases these benefits significantly, it is easy to see why so many are utilizing it.

On their own, all of these are great reasons for people to enjoy VR porn. However, they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits. A person can instantly obtain an immersive sexually gratifying experience in a virtual reality world. His or her sexual needs, can be satisfied greatly. More so for those who use the teledildonic sex toys, RealDolls, tesla suits and other VR gear. All that VR equipment intensifies and increases the sexual experience dramatically. Some even call it the new form of having sexual relations. Albeit, via the virtual reality portal and sex toys.

Besides normal people, there are others out there who suffer from problems. These are individuals who have issues finding sexual partners in the real world. Some of them include individuals with handicaps, physical and mental disabilities. The same for those who have problems being sociable in the real world. A person who has deformities or other illness may also be included. In a VR world, none of those issues matter. They can become someone else and be an entire physically perfect person. It’s almost like the movie Avatar and the main character. He was a paraplegic man who could not use his legs in the real world. However, in the Avatar universe, he became whole and regained all of his physical attributes.

This is exactly what happens to people who use VR and engage in VR porn. All of them find a world they can enjoy in the virtual universe. For them, VR porn provides them with the ability to engage in sex, socializing and interacting. All done without anyone knowing about their real issues. Virtual reality can change not only who has sex, but how they do it. Some may even call it the future in sexual relationships.